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Preservatives are necessary evils in the conventional multi dose eye droppers, as the ambient non-sterile as well as the left over drop exposed to ambience gains entry in the container from the same path as that of the drug flow path contaminating the liquid inside.
Preservatives are added, as mandated, to prevent the growth of microbial contaminants and biodegradation. Thus, preservatives have become a key component in ophthalmic formulations, common among them are:
Benzalkonium chloride (BAC/BAK),
Stabilized Oxychloro Complex (SOC)
Though preservatives help keep the containers sterile over the course of multiple uses, various studies have proved that preservatives induce ocular toxicity particularly in long term therapy, multiple applications, aged patients and in pre existing ocular surface diseases, such as :

Preservative free eyedrops
Ocular surface changes
Preservative free eyedrops
Ocular discomfort
Preservative free eyedrops
Tear film instability
Preservative free eyedrops
Conjunctival inflammation

Preservative free eyedrops
Conjunctival changes
Preservative free eyedrops
Epithelial changes
Preservative free eyedrops
Corneal surface impairment
Preservative free eyedrops
Histological changes

  • Maintaining the sterility of eye drops is important for patient health. Single use doses are expensive and preservatives can cause allergies and irritaon. To avoid above drawbacks KHIL (Eyekare Kilitch Ltd) launched best preservave-free solution to meet patients need.




Preservative free video

System Benefits

‘Novelia ®’, a technology from France, brought in India for the first time by Eyekare Kilitch Ltd., is the solution that provides the benefit of the medication without the ill effects of any preservatives.
The state of art technology prevents bacterial contamination and avoids the need of preservatives over treatment duration Benefits of Preservative-free multi dose formulations are as under :

  • No harmful effects of preservatives
  • Easy to use, convenient and ergonomic system
  • Can be used for 60 days after opening
  • Sustainable and more economical compared to unidose or unims
  • Blue tip allows better accuracy to deliver drops
  • Identical in use to standard multidose eyedropper
Preservative free eyedrops
  • Easy to carry, instead of several boxes of unit dose
  • More sustainable, no waste, can be used until the very last drop
  • Calibrated drops, precise dose
  • One drop at a time into patients eyes
  • With tamper evident band
  • Dedicated path for the drug flow, does not come in contact with any of the bottle mechanism

Functioning of the Preservative-free system

Preservative free eyedrops

FUNCTIONING: On squeezing the liquid flows out of the bottle through a defined path dispensing uniform dosage. ( Preservative free eyedrops )

Contaminated air ( Preservative free eyedrops ) or contaminated liquid from atmosphere cannot flow back into the bottle due to the presence of Non return valve in the nozzle. ( Preservative free eyedrops )

Air compensation happens by entry of ambient air or liquid from ambient atmosphere through the aperture provided on the side of the bottle, through the homogenous silicon membrane which allows only gases to flow through, arresting the microbes. ( Preservative free eyedrops )

Functioning in nutshell:


Bottle Squeezing

Preservative free eyedrops

Valve opening

drop delivery.

Preservative free eyedrops

Valve reclosing

Thight situation (no back flow so no contaminated liquid can enter the bottle). Preservative free eyedrops

Air compensation

PureFlow technology to filter the air (no contaminated air can enter the bottle). Preservative free eyedrops

Device Specification

Preservative free eyedrops

  • Made of HDPE (High density poly ethylene) material - It's lightweight yet super-strong
  • Silver agents (anti-microbial) are used in the CAP
  • Contact with drug - No
  •   TOP
    Preservative free eyedrops

    • Made of HDPE (High density poly ethylene) material - It's lightweight yet super-strong
    • With Silver ions for anti-microbial activity
    • Contact with Drug: No


    Preservative free eyedrops

    • Material of construction : Silicone Rubber
    • contact with Drug: No

      Non-return Valve

    Preservative free eyedrops

    • Avoids back flow so no contaminated/ambient air or liquid can enter the bottle
    • Material of Construction: Silicon Rubber
    • Blue colorant
    • Contact with Drug: Yes

      NOZZLE Bottom

    Preservative free eyedrops
    • Material of construcon: HDPE
    • Contact with Drug: Yes


    Preservative free eyedrops

    • It's a homogeneous and continue Silicone membrane
    • No contaminated air can enter into bottle
    • contact with drug - yes


    Preservative free eyedrops

    • Material of construction: Low density poly ethylene
    • contact with drug - yes

    product in preservative free technology


    Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose IP 0.3% w/v, Glycerin IP 0.2% w/v, Dextran 70 USP 0.1% w/v.


    Sodium Hyaluronate BP 0.1% w/v, L-proline, L-lysine HCI, L-Ieucine, L- glycine.


    Dorzolamide Hydrochloride IP 2.0% w/v & Timolol Maleate IP 0.5% w/v.


    Travoprost IP 0.004% w/v.


    Travoprost IP 0.004% w/v +
    Timolol Maleate IP 0.5% w/v.


    Brimonidine Tartrate IP 0.2% w/v+ Timolol Maleate IP 0.5% w/v.


    Does products in Preservative help to keep the drop efficacy?

    Preservatives are added to formulations to prevent decomposition of drug content due to microbial growth. In traditional eye dropper bottle, as external ambient non sterile air comes in contact with the drug, inducing microbial growth, preservatives are added. It is myth to say that preservatives help to keep the drop efficacy.

    In Novelia® technology does the efficacy of the product remains same even after one month of opening the cap?

    In Novelia® technology, ambiant non sterile air passes through the homogenous silicone membrane, blocking any potential bacteria and only allowing gasses to flow through, hence the product remains sterile and efficient all throughout its shelf life even after opening. Preservatives have no effect on efficacy of drug, so drops even after one month will be sterile and as efficient as first drop.

    Does the residual drop on the tip of the bottle get wasted?

    In Novelia® technology during instillation even if there is a residual drop remaining on the tip of the bottle, it does not get wasted for the following reasons:

    • On closing of the bottle with the cap, the drop remains sterile as the inner surface of the cap and the top of the bottle contains silver ions which avoids any bacteria growth
    • When it is squeezed for a second time, this residual drop will be part of the new drop.

    Will the microbes getting retained on the surface of the filter form biofilm and affect its functioning ?

    The air venting system is made up of homogeneous silicone membrane. This patented PureFlow™ Technology relies on the air permeability characteristic of the silicone in order to allow air flow through the membrane. As there is no pore in the Novelia® system, the silicone membrane cannot be wet on the external surface, so there is no risk of biofilm creation affecting the functions of filter.

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