Eye drops without Preservatives

Eye Drops without Preservatives are recommended for people with moderate or severe dry eyes. The symptoms of dry eyes can be quickly and easily relieved with lubricating eye drops with a preservative free formula.
Eye drops containing preservatives actually can cause irritation, redness and more dryness, rather than easing these symptoms. So to avoid such problems eye drops without preservatives are recommended.
Owing to the potential adverse effects of ophthalmic preservatives, there is an increasing need for preservative-free ophthalmic products among the consumers.

eye drops without preservatives

Though preservatives help keep the containers sterile over the course of multiple uses, various studies have proved that preservatives induce ocular toxicity particularly in long term therapy, multiple applications, aged patients and in pre existing ocular surface diseases

Benefits of eye drops without preservatives

The state of art technology prevents bacterial contamination and avoids the need of preservatives over treatment duration Benefits of Preservative-free multi dose formulations are as under :

  • No harmful effects of preservatives
  • Easy to use, convenient and ergonomic system
  • Can be used for 60 days after opening
  • Sustainable and more economical compared to unidose or unims
  • Blue tip allows better accuracy to deliver drops
  • Identical in use to standard multidose eyedropper
Eye drops without preservatives
  • Easy to carry, instead of several boxes of unit dose
  • More sustainable, no waste, can be used until the very last drop
  • Calibrated drops, precise dose
  • One drop at a time into patients eyes
  • With tamper evident band
  • Dedicated path for the drug flow, does not come in contact with any of the bottle mechanism

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